Current and Coming features detailed information about current and forthcoming programs, events, exhibits and activities of historical and cultural institutions in Pennsylvania. Originated as “Currents.” Retitled “Current and Coming,” Winter 2003, and then retitled “Out and About,” Fall 2005. Revived as “Current and Coming,” Winter 2013. Ran regularly, Spring 1984 to Spring 2008, and then occasionally, Winter 2013 to Spring 2015.

Pennsylvania has long been recognized as the keystone of the nation and for good reason. Since its founding in 1681 by William Penn (1644–1718), the Commonwealth has welcomed settlers of all nationalities; nurtured writers, artists, musicians, poets, and playwrights; and spawned inventors, innovators, scientists, and business and labor leaders. Its natural resources and the industries they created — among them coal, oil, iron, steel, transportation, and candy — impacted both state and national history and, in some cases, the international economy. Many Pennsylvanians made their mark in military and political careers; Lancaster resident James Buchanan even made it to the White House. The Commonwealth has witnessed (and suffered) bitter warfare on its land — the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and the American Civil War — and sent its citizens soldiers to faraway lands to preserve freedom.

In addition to its remarkable history and heritage, the Keystone State also enjoys the good fortune of possessing a wealth of historical organizations and cultural institutions that document, interpret, share, even celebrate the contributions of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians. Inspired by the patriotism and pageantry surrounding the triumphant return of the Marquis de Lafayette to the United States in 1824, seven young Philadelphians founded the Historical Society of Pennsylvania which has grown to national prominence with its expansive collections documenting Pennsylvania and American history and culture. On the opposite end of the Commonwealth the Senator John Heinz History Center, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, explores and explains the history of western Pennsylvania with its museum, the largest history center in the state. In between there are hundreds of museums, historical societies, libraries, preservation organizations, and schools devoted to Pennsylvania’s historic legacies.

Beginning with the Spring 2013 edition, Pennsylvania Heritage will bring you news of these organizations and institutions with Current and Coming, a department dedicated exclusively to their exhibitions and events, public programs, family activities, workshops, seminars, book signings, and lectures. The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission recognizes the vast resources the Commonwealth claims and will introduce (or reintroduce) these invaluable assets to readers with Current and Coming — from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History to the newly relocated museum of the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia (and, we promise, everything else in between).