News presents briefs about current and forthcoming programs, events, exhibits and activities of historical and cultural institutions in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Heritage, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and the Pennsylvania Heritage Society celebrate the 75th anniversary of the New Deal.



An Activist Government in Harrisburg: Governor George H. Earle III and Pennsylvania’s “Little New Deal”

Forty Fort Meeting House: The Architecture of a Union

From the Ashes at Boyertown—Safety Legislation for All

Hands on History: Bringing German Culture to Life at the Landis Valley Museum



“Art with a Purpose”: Pennsylvania’s Museum Extension Project, 1935–1943

Along the Pennsylvania Trails of History: Experience Lake Erie as a Seaman!

“In Immortal Splendor”: Wilkes-Barre’s Fugitive Slave Case of 1853

Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School Celebrates 100 Years of Magic



Rediscovering the People’s Art: New Deal Murals in Pennsylvania’s Post Offices

The Architect, The Icon, and The Artist: Welcome to a Visual Celebration of Vision

The Barrymores of Philadelphia: America’s Royal Family of the Theatre

Christy Mathewson, Baseball’s Gentleman and Tragic Hero



Built by the New Deal

Black Settlement on Yellow Hill

Laughing with Philadelphia Stooge Larry Fine

Hands-On History: Advanced Technology “Rubs” the Ancient Past

Wish You Were Here! Cameron County