Letters to the Editor

Letters presents readers' comments and reactions to specific articles in Pennsylvania Heritage, the initiatives of PHMC, and other developments in the historical, cultural and museum communities of Pennsylvania.

Righting the Record

As always, I enjoyed the latest issue of Pennsylvania Heritage. I was glad to see the article by Jennifer L. Peresie – not only was it well done, but it is excellent publicity for the National History Day program [see “Crusader with a Camera: Lewis Hine and His Battle Against Child ‘Slavery’” in the Summer 1997 edition]. However, the introduction mentions that this is the first time that an article by a high school student has appeared in Pennsylvania Heritage. That is certainly an incorrect statement, as an award­-winning paper that my son Tom wrote as a senior in high school on the bands of Hummelstown was published in the Summer 1982 edition [see “The Volunteer Bands of Hummelstown, 1869-1927,” by Thomas Houts). His paper had placed first in Pennsylvania’s National History Day contest and second in the national competition, although the author’s note, unfortunately, somehow got this mixed up and says it won second place in the state contest. I just thought I’d let you know to keep your historical record straight.

Mary D. Houts
Hershey, Pa.

Mary D. Houts is associate director and senior curator of education for the Hershey Museum.


Born and Bred

In the last several months the world has lost two of its great geniuses, James Michener and Jimmy Stewart. Pennsylvania Heritage has performed a great service to students of contemporary American affairs by publishing intelligent, thoughtful pieces about these two legendary Pennsylvanians [see “You Can Go Home Again: An Interview with James A. Michener” by Michael J. O’Malley III in the Winter 1993 issue, and “Keystone Born, Hollywood Bred: ‘Movie Buff David Mallery Reviews the Acting Careers of James Stewart and Grace Kelly” by William C. Kashatus in the Winter 1997 edition]. Although we say farewell to these brilliant individuals, we will always have, thanks to your magazine, an appreciation of them and a record of their connection to Pennsylvania history. Thank you for making me realize that history touches each and every one of us in so many, many ways. Pennsylvania Heritage makes me proud to boast “I am Pennsylvania born and bred!”

J. C. Wagner
Alexandria, Va.


Sense and Meaning

I was deeply impressed by “Meet Mister Rogers, Everybody’s Neighbor,” the interview by Carrie L. Curtis in the Summer 1997 edition. To paraphrase a sentiment from My Fair Lady, Fred Rogers “oozes sincerity and genuineness from every pore.” I plan to check out the books he recommended for my grand­children. Thanks for bringing some sense and meaning into a troubled entertain­ment world. To an old Pennsylvanian like me, your magazine is not only good, it’s tops.

Warren S. Sellers
Lansdale, Pa.



The photograph of the reenactors at Brandywine Battlefield Park which appeared on the cover of the Fall 1997 edition of Pennsylvania Heritage should have been credited to Ralph V. Ozwald III. The editor regrets the error.