Letters to the Editor

Letters presents readers' comments and reactions to specific articles in Pennsylvania Heritage, the initiatives of PHMC, and other developments in the historical, cultural and museum communities of Pennsylvania.


I have received the spring 1984 new version of Pennsylvania Heritage. Visually it is pleasing and the articles are varied, interesting and imaginative. With all good wishes for con­tinued success with Heritage – a fine launch!

Anne Cook
Devon, Pa.

A friend introduced me to Pennsylvania Heritage a year ago and the spring issue con­vinced me to renew my sub­scription. The new design is crisp and the text is well written and easy to read. The color photographs which accompanied the articles (espe­cially on the Harmonists) added a wonderful dimension. My compliments to the de­signer and to you for making the magazine good enough to compete with any!

Consuela Hernandez
Bethlehem, Pa.

The introduction of color into Heritage, although limited, was a welcome change. Being a photography buff, I hope that you will consider future photo essays to complement the more standard narratives of your magazine. I think it would be an interesting change of pace.

Fred Parker
Pittsburgh, Pa.

We agree with you about photo­graphic essays, and that is why we have chosen to include such a piece on photographic view com­panies in the fall edition.


Travel Information

I noticed in the spring issue, under the Letters to the Editor column, that a reader makes reference to visiting several historic sites and museums in Pennsylvania. Is there a list of such places? I would be par­ticularly interested in taking my family to some of these sites during the summer vaca­tion months.

Christian Wall
Scranton, Pa.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission operates twenty-seven historic sites and museums which are listed in the Pennsylvania Trail of History brochure.


Historical Societies

There is indeed a lot of his­tory in Fulton County and we are discovering more in­teresting events all the time. Our society continues to grow, now numbering over 360 members from 24 states and Washington, D.C. It would be interesting to know where “little” Fulton County ranks with respect to membership in comparison to other county historical societies.

John H. Nelson
McConnellsburg, Pa.

Mr. Nelson is president of the Fulton County Historical Society.

The assistant executive secretary of the Pennsylvania Federation of Historical Societies tells us that current reports show the His­torical Society of Pennsylvania, with 15,000 members, as the largest in the state. Of the county historical societies, York counts 5,000-plus members, with Bucks rapidly approaching 5,000. State­wide, including every organized group, societies average about 400 members.



I’m confused. I enjoy receiv­ing Heritage, but I would like to join the “Friends of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission” so that my family can enjoy the free admission to the historic sites in Pennsylvania. If I join the “Friends” do I pay separately for my magazine subscription?

Joyce Carson
Harrisburg, Pa.

No. A yearly subscription to Heritage is one of the “Friends” membership benefits. If you would like to join this new organ­ization or desire further infor­mation about it, simply complete the “Friends” portion of the tear-out card bound into this issue and mail it to the address indi­cated.


Etcetera ….

It should be noted that the mortar and pestle (page 14) and the chopper (page 16) which appeared as illustrations for the article on seventeenth century cooking in the spring 1984 issue were both photographed by Marian Ann Matwiejczyk, historic site man­ager of Graeme Park, Montgomery County.