Letters to the Editor

Letters presents readers' comments and reactions to specific articles in Pennsylvania Heritage, the initiatives of PHMC, and other developments in the historical, cultural and museum communities of Pennsylvania.


I was surprised – astounded might be a better word choice – to read the volunteer statistics for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission reported by Dr. Larry E. Tise [see “Executive Director’s Letter” in the summer 1985 issue]. The several organizations for which I volunteer have faced a decline in volunteer efforts, and I am glad to know that our precious heritage is being preserved by these wonderful individuals. When I retire and make Pennsylvania my permanent home next year, you can be sure to count me in. I, too, feel strongly about “making sure our past has a future.” Congratulations.

Alice Hall Whitaker
New York, N. Y.


The Great Escape

Wow! Gail M. Getz’s article on camping was terrific! My family and I are avid campers, but we never really realized that we are carrying out tradi­tions which were popular a century ago. After reading the diary entries by Henry Landis, I am ready to shout “bully!” and grab my gear and head for the hills.

William K. Miller
Pittsburgh, Pa.


Bradford County

Until I read the feature story on Bradford County, I never fully understood the history behind the French nobility’s settlement at Azilum. I am an avid “Francophile” and your article coinciding with Bastille Day on July 14 was most clever. Your writers really know how to make our history jump alive.

Suzanne R. Chenin
Gladynne, Pa.


Covered Bridges

I have long been a great admirer of covered bridges and Pennsylvania’s art and artists and was delighted to see the watercolor of the Clarks Ferry bridge in the last issue. I am not familiar with this view which leads me to wonder if it is in the Commis­sion’s collections.

Karen B. Shuey
Phoenixville, Pa.

The watercolor view of the Clarks Ferry Bridge by Augustus Kollner was graciously loaned by a private collector.


A note of appreciation for “In Celebration of Covered Bridges” by Susan M. Zacher in the summer issue. I spent my childhood in Lancaster County where I saw quite a few covered bridges. You’ve sparked a new interest in seeing more. Where or how can I obtain a copy of the author’s guidebook?

Mark H. O’Rourke
Reading, Pa.

The Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania: A Guide, written by Susan M. Zacher and published in 1982 … contains photographs and descriptions of the Commonwealth’s covered bridges.


Etcetera …

The “Coca-Cola” bridge illus­trated on page 29 in the summer issue is located in Portland, Northampton County, not Adams County. It spans the Delaware River to New Jersey. An old photograph contained the error in geographical location which was unfortunately repeated in this magazine. We regret this error.


Indexing History

I am interested in purchasing your magazine for the Garden Spot High School library as quite a few teachers expressed an interest in it. They also expressed interest in a yearly index. Do you publish one or include it in a special issue? This would be most helpful!

Gail A. Grill
New Holland, Pa.

To date, no comprehensive index to the major articles, subjects, authors or illustrations appearing in the magazine has been published. However, your interest reiterates the staff’s longstanding belief that such it index would be helpful, and the possibility of both cumulative and annual indices will eventually be investigated in depth.