History Mailbox

Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

Editor’s Note: The purpose of this column will be expanded some­what with the Summer 1979 issue. We wish to reconfirm its function as a forum for the exchange of information and inquiries but at the same time wish to reemphasize its use as a column for the exchange of ideas and reactions to material printed in the past. We encourage comments, criticisms and recommendations. Space will limit the number and length of responses to be printed, so we request that exchanges be kept as concise as possible thus limiting unnecessary editing. All reactions, however, will be read and considered and, unless they involve a personal exchange of information best handled through direct communication between correspondents themselves, should be submitted to The Editor.


Dr. Warren J. Gates of 315 Glendale St., Carlisle 17013, is work­ing on a study of the Great Granger’s Picnic and Exhibition at Williams Grove prior to World War I. He would like to correspond with people who have pictures and information regarding Granger activities between 1874 and 1917, particularly from those whose families were among the campers in the tent colony.