Bookshelf provides descriptions and notices of recent publications on Pennsylvania subjects.

Pennsylvania Postal History, by John L. Kay and Chester M. Smith, Jr. is a 564-page publication, detailing the 10,000 to 11,000 post offices of Pennsylvania.

The history of all post offices, named stations, named branches. rural stations, rural branches and community post offices is covered 1n the three sections of the book. Reflecting the strong interest in local county history the work is organized along county lines.

The book is available for $25.00 by Quarterman Publications, Inc., 5 South Union Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts.


Fighting the Battles by Frederic Shriver Klein is available for $2.00 from the Sutter House, Box 146, Lititz, Pa. 17543. The Bicentennial book was published by the Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee, Inc., and co-published and distributed by Sutter House.

Another Bicentennial book published by the Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee, Inc. and co-published and distributed by Sutter House, Box 146. Lititz 17543, is The Perils of Patriotism by J. Samuel Walker. It is also available for $2.00.


Fighting the Battles and The Perils of Patriotism are the third and fourth books in the series which included A Way of Life by Jim Kinter and The Pennsylvania Rifle by Samuel E. Dyke.


Lancaster in the Revolution by Charles H. Kessler was also published by Sutter House, but it is not part of the aforementioned series. The author is on the staff of the Lancaster New Era newspaper. It is 164 pages and contains 27 illustrations. The book highlights the role of Lancaster in the American Revolution. Price of the book is $6.50. It too is available from Sutter House.


The Cumberland County Historical Society has republished the Atlas of Cumberland County originally published by the New York firm of F.W. Beers and Company. This is a complete atlas with large maps of every township and borough. Included is a rare table of distances within the county, a map of Pennsylvania and a history of the county. Price is $21.15 including tax. Checks should be made payable to the Cumberland County Historical Society and mailed to P.O. Box 626, Carlisle 17013.


Prepared by the Palmerton Camera Club is a slide illustrated account, “Early Towamensmk,” of some early events (prior to 1790) in what is now Carbon County, then part of Northumberland County. The story concerns the area along the Blue Mountain including the militia expedition under Benjamin Franklin to prepare defenses against Indian depredations.

The text can be read from a folder as slides are projected or listened to from a tape with appropriate sound effects. Running time is approximately seventy-five minutes.

Responsible organizations at a distance can obtain this presentation on loan by writing to the club’s secretary, Howard Witham, 321 Lafayette Avenue, Palmerton 18071. Those located nearby can arrange a presentation by club representatives.


Lancaster Diary 1776 contains excerpts from diaries, day books. journals, newspapers and court records of the daily life of Lancaster County in 1776. The diary was compiled by Walter F. Ayars III for the Greater Lancaster Chapter of the Lancaster County Bicentennial Committee. It can be ordered for $4.25 plus 26 cents sales tax and 49 cents shipping charges by writing to “Diary,” Bicentennial Headquarters, 123 North Prince Street, Lancaster 17603.


The revised edition of Thompson’s Battalion And/or The First Continental Regiment by Oscar H. Stroh is now available. The first printing was in September, 1975. The book is available for $3.50 (postage and tax included I from Graphic Services, Harrisburg 17112 or from the author at R. D. #4, Box 925, Harrisburg. The 52-page book is the first of a proposed series of books on Central Pennsylvania history.


August was the publication date for The History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania, being reprinted by the Tioga County Historical Society. The book will be in two volumes and will contain over 1,100 pages. Price for the set is $28.00 plus $1.68 sales tax for state residents. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Tioga County Historical Society and sent to Dr. Robert Unger, 234 North Main Street, Mansfield 16933.


The American Canal and Transportation Center, Box 842, Shepherdstown, West Virginia 25443 has two new books available: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Old Picture Album at $4.95 and George Washington’s Canal at $2.50.

The Old Picture Album has 100 historic pictures with captions by Thomas F. Hahn, tracing old canal days from Georgetown to Cumberland. George Washington’s Canal is new in the Towpath Guide Series by Thomas F. Hahn.

For mailing, 35 cents should be added for orders under $2.50 and 50 cents, for over $3.50.


Frank Carver has written It Happened Right Here, an illustrated paperback dealing with Beaver County’s history to 1788. The book, published by the Beaver Area Heritage Foundation, is for sale at the Foundation, P.O. Box 147, Beaver 15009. Price is $4.71 plus 40 cents postage and handling. Pennsylvania residents should include 6 percent sales tax.


The Genealogical Society of Southwestern Pennsylvania is sponsoring the reprint of J. H. Beers’ Washington County, Pennsylvania. The book, originally published in 1893, is a 1,486-page volume and contains biographical and family sketches of over 2,000 pioneer names. The book can be ordered for $30.00 from the publisher, Polyanthos, Inc., 811 Orleans Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116.


The Fort Vance Historical Society has had the 1876 edition of Caldwell’s Atlas of Washington County reprinted in its original size of 228 pages. Originally published in 1876, the book can be ordered from the Fort Vance Historical Society, Box 1876, McDonald 15057.