West Family Tureen at Hope Lodge

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The family of William West Sr. (1724-1782) resided from 1776 to 1784 at Hope Lodge in Fort Washington, Montgomery County, one of the finest Georgian period houses in the United States. Built between 1743 and 1748, Hope Lodge offers a look at architecture and art of the Colonial era and the popular Colonial Revival period of the early twentieth century. Of particular note is a remarkable service of porcelain acquired by the Wests from a sea captain in the late eighteenth century. Consisting of more than fifty pieces – the centerpiece of which is a magnificent tureen – the set is known as Chinese Export, or “China Trade” porcelain because it was manufactured and decorated in China and shipped, often as little more than ballast, to markets in the West. Given to Hope Lodge by a West family descendant in 1965, the service is prized for its size and quality.