December 1977

Executive Director’s Message

An Introduction to the Special Issue

Frankford, Philadelphia: A 19th-Century Urban Black Community

Black Harrisburg’s Resistance to Slavery

Toward Freedom: Pittsburgh Blacks, 1800-1870

They Left with the British: Black Women in the Evacuation of Philadelphia, 1778

The Emergence of Black Religion in Pennsylvania, 1776-1850

A Black Underground: Resistance to Slavery, 1833-1860

Blacks and the Labor Movement in Pennsylvania: The Beginnings

The Search by Blacks For Employment and Opportunity: Industrial Education in Philadelphia

The Black Press in Pennsylvania

Black Cultural Development in Pennsylvania Since 1900

Black Steelworkers in Western Pennsylvania

How to Uncover Black Family History

The African-American Clan

Southern-Born Blacks in Harrisburg, 1920-1950

Oral History Project in Chester