Pennsylvania Heritage I, No. 1 (December 1974) at Pennsylvania State Archives

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Pennsylvania Heritage is embarking on its thirty-fifth anniversary this year. The inaugural edition of the magazine was a modest publication of twenty-four pages, including covers, that proposed to “provide in-depth coverage in areas of Pennsylvania’s history that are significant, informative and interesting.” In the debut issue, William J. Wewer, PHMC executive director from 1972 to 1981, wrote, “The Commission hopes this magazine will provide a medium of communication to those persons interested in Pennsylvania history.” Over the years, Pennsylvania Heritage has addressed challenging subjects and controversial topics such as civil rights, subversive organizations and secret societies, and even lawsuits centering on the interpretation of historical figures and their actions. Not only has the magazine garnered a loyal following, but it has also received awards and critical praise from the design, communications, and printing industries, and the history and museum communities. Although expanded and continually evolving, Pennsylvania Heritage remains true to its original mission: to educate and enlighten both residents and visitors about the vast history the Keystone State possesses.