Other Recent Releases

Book Review presents reviews of recent publications on Pennsylvania subjects by noted scholars, historians and journalists.

Gifford Pinchot
Selected Writings
edited by Char Miller
Penn State University Press, 264 pp., cloth $74.95, paper $24.95

Pinchot (1865–1946) was a key figure in the conservation movement of the early 20th century, the first chief of the U.S. Forest Service, and two-time governor of Pennsylvania. Environmental historian Miller, author of two previous books on Pinchot, has gathered and annotated a selection of Pinchot’s writings on forestry, war, politics, natural resources, and his favorite pastime, fishing, for this eminently readable volume.

Butterflies of Pennsylvania
A Field Guide
by James L. Monroe and David M. Wright
University of Pittsburgh Press, 320 pp., paper $24.95

This essential guide to identifying butterflies and skippers in Pennsylvania — with 900 color  illustrations — provides vital information on distinguishing marks, wingspan, behavior, habitat,
abundance and larval host plants for each species, with front and back views of both male and female specimens, graphs indicating seasonal presence, and maps reflecting 20 years of recorded county sightings.