Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

For a possible exhibition entitled “Americans on Vacation, 1875-1916,” research and photographs are currently being col­lected on “Great Camps,” rustic retreats in Pennsylvania that were similar to those popular in the Adirondacks and Berkshires during the second half of the nineteenth century. These camps­ – featuring decorative twig porch railings, bannisters and often furniture – usually included a main house, cottages or cabins, a casino, dining hall and, sometimes, a small chapel. Individuals and institutions able to share this information are asked to write: Suzanne B. Schell, 1956 Winterport Ct., Reston, VA 22091; or telephone (703) 476-9757.


American artist Alonzo C. Webb (1888-1975) apparently spent some time in Pittsburgh, probably during the summer of 1929, when he made several drawings and at least one etching of Pitts­burgh steel mills and machinery. These are known to exist solely because they were included in two Paris expositions in 1930. Any information about the location of Webb’s works, his exhibition history and publications, teachers, mentors, agents or friends would be most welcome. Please write: Susan Knowles, Registrar, The Fine Arts Center, Cheekwood, Forrest Park Dr., Nashville, TN 37205; or telephone (615) 352-8632.


Currently sought are any materials which can be used to document the history of Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reserva­tion and the training and encampments of the Pennsylvania National Guard (as well as its predecessor, the National Guard of Pennsylvania), from 1870 to the present. Particularly sought are items relating to units that either trained at, or were discharged through, Fort Indiantown Gap during World War II. The Depart­ment of Military Affairs is in the process of establishing a post museum on the grounds of the installation. Two barracks will be entirely renovated to house representative artifacts. Individuals and institutions able to share such materials for research and exhibition are asked to write: Bruce S. Bazelon, Chief, Division of Collection Services, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, P.O. Box 1026, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1026; or tele­phone (717) 783-9935.


Artists of Pennsylvania’s anthracite (hard coal) region who were active during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centu­ries are currently being researched. Artists of this multi-counties area include Nicholas Bervinchak, George Luks, John Willard Raught, John F. Francis and an unknown female member of Philadelphia’s legendary Peale family who moved to southern Schuylkill County. Especially sought for study are views of the region and its early communities and portraits of early settlers or prominent residents. Information may be shared with: Julian S. Yupcavage, 20 South Twenty-Third St., Pottsville, PA 17901; telephone (717) 628-4034.


A search is on for the elusive portraits of Stephen Hills (1771-1844), builder of the first State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, by Lancaster County painter Jacob Eichholtz. According to available documentation, several likenesses of Hills were executed by Eichholtz. Also being sought is a miniature portrait of William Maclay which is known to have been painted in London in 1789. Maclay was pivotal in establishing the permanent seat of state government in Harrisburg. Both pieces – as well as other related artifacts, documents, paintings, furniture, photographs, etc.­ are sought for an exhibition on the capitols of Pennsylvania. Persons with knowledge of these items, or their whereabouts, are asked to write: Gail M. Getz, Associate Curator, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, P. O. Box 1026, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1026; or telephone (717) 783-2641.