Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

The Hugh Moore Historical Park and Museums, Easton, is seeking documents, photographs, maps, records, and engineer­ing drawings associated with Pennsylvania’s steel industry, par­ticularly pieces pertaining to the Bethlehem Steel Company’s plants at Bethlehem, Johnstown, and Steelton. This effort is part of a plan initiated by the organization to develop a national steel research center. Individuals and institutions able to share infor­mation are asked to write: Lance E. Metz, Hugh Moore Histori­cal Park and Museums, P.O. Box 877, Easton, PA 18044-0877; or telephone (215) 250-6700.


Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Creek is the subject of an exhibi­tion opening at the Library Company of Philadelphia in the fall of 1993. Exhibition topics include the landscape, industrial heri­tage, and social history of the creek during the nineteenth cen­tury. Of particular interest are landscape paintings and photographs, personal accounts, family snapshots, hotel menus, programs of outings, artifacts and records related to the region’s industries, and objects decorated with images depicting the Wissahickon Creek. An article chronicling the history of the creek will also appear in the fall 1993 edition of Pennsylvania Heri­tage. Individuals and institutions able to assist in this search are urged to write: Susan Oyama, Assistant Curator of Prints, Li­brary Company of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19107; or telephone (215) 546-8229 or 546-3181.


Research papers are being sought for an international confer­ence entitled “Amish Society, 1693-1993: Celebrating Three Hun­dred Years of Persistence and Change,” which will be held in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, in July 1993. Proposals should be forwarded to: “Amish Society” Conference, The Young Center for the Study of Anabaptist and Pietist Groups, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA 17022; or telephone (717) 3670-1151, ext. 470, for additional information.


The Zelienople Historical Society is seeking objects pertaining to the Iron City Sanitary Company and the Boggs and Buhl De­partment Store for installation in a permanent exhibit. Persons or organizations knowing the whereabouts of such artifacts are encouraged to write: Zelienople Historical Society, P.O. Box 45, 243 South Main St., Zelienople, PA 16063.


The style of uniform worn by the 71st Pennsylvania Regiment during the Civil War is currently the subject of research. Informa­tion should be directed to: Samuel Master, 236 Jackson Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15239.


Burnside Plantation, near Bethlehem, is restoring a wooden horsewheel dating to the mid-nineteenth century. The wheel­ – also called “horsepowers” or “geppel” – has a diameter of thir­teen feet. Located approximately ten feet above the floor level, the wheel is powered by horses walking beneath it. Researchers need information about supporting struts and the arms which were attached to the horses to complete the restoration. Informa­tion should be shared with: Kathleen Manolescu, Site Manager, Burnside Plantation, P.O. Box 559, Bethlehem, PA 18016-0559; telephone (215) 868-5044.


Harry A. Johnson was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, on August 25, 1874. Before moving to Seward, Alaska, in 1904 at the age of twenty-eight, he was known to have been a blacksmith, hunter, and photographer. In Alaska he became well known as a gold­miner, trapper, guide, and one of the territory’s best wildlife photographers of his day. For continuing research, biographical and career data regarding Johnson’s life in Erie is requested by: Diane Olthuis, Box 41, Hope, AL 99605; telephone (907) 782-3115.