Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

Sally R. Sims, user education librarian at Ohio State University, is seeking information on the architectural firm of Allison and Allison, best known in Pennsylvania for the design of Navarre (now Becht) Hall on the campus of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Anyone knowing the location of buildings designed by Allison and Allison is asked to contact Ms. Sims at 1858 Neil Avenue Mall, Columbus, OH 43210; telephone (614) 422-6151.


Pennsylvania artist Ben Austrian (1870-1921) is the subject of research for a possible magazine article. Austrian, who lived and worked in Reading, Berks County, is best known for his paintings of chicks, one of which served as the trademark of the household cleanser, Bon Ami (“hasn’t scratched yet”). Information regarding existing correspondence, reviews and locations of Austrian’s works is eagerly sought by Michael J. O’Malley III, Special Features Coordinator, PHMC, P.O. Box 1026, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1026.


Scholars and writers interested in women’s history are invited to contribute to an upcoming series of historical post­cards to be published by the Helaine/Victoria Press, Martins­ville, IN. Although the publisher is especially interested in original source materials, secondary sources will be con­sidered. Contributors will be credited on each card and will receive 100 first-run copies in exchange for their work. The press is a non-profit educational organization which has printed and distributed more than 100,000 postcards during the past decade. For detailed information, send a stamped, self­-addressed envelope (SASE) to: Helaine/Victoria Press, 4080 Dynasty La., Martinsville, IN 46151. (Please enclose $1 for a current catalog, two sample cards and research information.)


A coalition of private and public groups and interested individuals has been formed to develop a strategy for refurbishing and promoting 206-year-old Fort Mifflin, located in southwest Philadelphia. The group was organized by Nicholas Biddle, chairman of the Fort Mifflin Committee of the Military Order of Foreign Wars, and Congressman Bob Edgar, whose district includes the historic site. The group is soliciting support for security measures, restoration and interpretive programming. Persons desiring more information about Fort Mifflin and the proposed project are encouraged to contact Harold Finigan of Congressman Edgar’s staff at (215) 726-6100.


Subscriber Martin E. Ressler is interested in purchasing several back issues of Pennsylvania Heritage which are no longer available: all issues of Vol. 1; the first three issues of Vol. II; all issues of Vol. V and VI; and the first issue of Vol. VII. Any information on the editions listed above should be forwarded to Mr. Ressler at Box 173, R.D. 2, Quarryville, PA 17566.