Lost and Found

Lost and Found features brief profiles of historic landmarks and structures, one lost and one saved.


Crossing Ten Mile Creek, southeast of Amity in Washington County, the Bailey Covered Bridge was erected by Bailey Brothers in 1889. The bridge has often been cited as a fine example of the Burr arch truss style, designed by Theodore Burr of Torringford, Connecticut, which enabled the spanning of wider streams and rivers. The Bailey Covered Bridge was destroyed by arson in July 1994 when a stolen vehicle parked inside it was set on fire. At the time of its destruction, it was one of two dozen covered bridges in the county noted for similarity in design, construction, and building materials. Arson is a leading cause in the destruction of covered bridges.



Sachs Covered Bridge, spanning Marsh Creek southwest of Gettysburg, was used by both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War (at which time it was known as Sauck’s Bridge). Built about 1854 by David Stoner, it measures one hundred feet in length and has long been considered by historians and historic preservationists to be one of the most picturesque covered spans in the Commonwealth. In June 1996, surging flood­waters ripped Sachs Covered Bridge from its stone foundations, carrying one section more than thirty yards downstream. Plans are underway to recover original sections, restore the historic structure, and reopen it to foot traffic.