Letters to the Editor

Letters presents readers' comments and reactions to specific articles in Pennsylvania Heritage, the initiatives of PHMC, and other developments in the historical, cultural and museum communities of Pennsylvania.


I have just finished reading Thomas Duszak’s informative article, “A Music Student Bridges the World,” in the winter issue and would like to bring an error to your atten­tion. The author locates the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge in South Philadelphia. In fact, it is located in Northeast Phila­delphia, several miles north of the Delaware River/Benjamin Franklin Bridge. The wonder­ful Clark’s Ferry Bridge north of Harrisburg is currently being replaced by a new four­lane, divided span. By now it may be completely demolished- a sad loss for those of us who appreciate the aesthetics of the creative Ralph Modjeski.

Janis B. Essner-Ruby
Philadelphia, Pa.

Thank you so much for the marvelous article on Ralph Modjeski; it was most thor­ough and absorbing. As an added footnote, I have a book on the Delaware River Bridge which lists the architect’s staff which followed Paul Cret: Harbeson, Hough, Livingston and Larsen. One of the drafts­men who worked on the job was Lou Kahn.

Leonard N. Abrams
Philadelphia, Pa.


Motion Picture Mogul

The article on my great­-grandfather, Siegmund “Pop” Lubin, and the accompanying pictures (“A Forgotten Filmmaker,” winter) are terrific, as is the entire magazine. Linda Kowall writes a great article­ – always! – whatever the subject. She is the most knowledge­able individual on the life and times of “Pop” Lubin. Her research covers many years.

William H. Armstrong
Newport Beach, Ca.

Linda Kowall’s account of my grandfather is excellent and the illustrations are perfect. As no doubt you know, my son donated a number of ledgers on my grandfather’s movies to the Philadelphia Free Library. Even though he had studios in California, there was not any intention to give them to the archives out here. I am very impressed with your maga­zine.

Emily L. Armstrong
Los Angeles, Ca.

I enjoyed the winter edition containing the article on Siegmund Lubin. As Linda Kowall may have mentioned, Lillian Spellman Rubenstein was my grandmother. In the article she is correctly de­scribed as Lubin’s “scenario editor.” However, it was Lillian Rubenstein who created the notion of the independent film script writer and editor. Prior to her entry into the film world, scripting and editing (such as there was of either!) were commonly performed ad hoc by the director.

Henry F. Beechhold
West Trenton, N.J.


“A Tradition Brewing”

My wife and I have been en­joying your magazine for the past five years; it is one of the few publications I read from cover to cover. We find it inter­esting to travel to the many historic places mentioned in the articles. It is frustrating for writers to name these sites, but fail to pinpoint their loca­tions. In the article by William D. Cissna, “A Tradition Brew­ing,” in the fall 1985 issue, seven independent brewers are mentioned, but their loca­tions are not. Your publication should inform readers where such historic attractions are located.

Edwin B. Yeisley
Allentown, Pa.


Etcetera …

Elizabeth Graeme did not keep a diary in which she “recorded impressions of Christmas celebra­tions at Graeme Park” as stated in a caption appearing in “A Colo­nial Christmas” in the winter edition. She did keep a diary in which she recorded her poetry and passages that interested her. Her portrait is included in the article because of the letter from Eliza­beth Willing Powel of 1771-1772, possibly a prototype from which the Christmas card evolved.