Features appear in each issue of Pennsylvania Heritage showcasing a variety of subjects from various periods and geographic locations in Pennsylvania.

Behind every successful maga­zine, there’s a hard-working, dedicated staff – a team, really. All good publications demand teamwork, and Pennsylvania Heritage is no exception. There’s a deadline on every horizon, editorial calendars that seem to project endlessly into the future, and production schedules that resemble a multi-dimensional Rube Goldberg device. The individuals who make up the magazine staff are driven by the quest for excellence and the desire to make the Keystone State’s history and culture as entertaining as it is enlightening. On this twentieth anniversary of Pennsylvania Heritage, we’d like you, the reader, to meet the people who bring you the best of the past. We’d like you to meet the women and men of Team Heritage.

Diane B. Reed, chief of the Publications and Sales Division, over­sees the publications of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), including Pennsylvania Heritage. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, she earned her master’s degree in American Studies from Penn State, Harrisburg. Diane has been with the Commission for five years, prior to which she was president of a small press and an anti­quarian bookstore. Away from the pub­lishing world, Diane’s interests include photography, camping, gardening, and films. She also enjoys unusual travel experiences, such as a nature photogra­phy workshop in New Mexico, and a three week stint as a volunteer crew member aboard the Commonwealth’s flagship, the U. S. Brig Niagara (see “Sail on, O Ship of State: An Interview with Capt. Walter Rybka of the U. S. Brig Niagara” by Diane B. Reed in the sum­mer 1993 edition).

Michael J. O’Malley III, who has served as editor since 1985, is a native Pennsylvanian. A 1975 graduate of the University of Scranton, he received his master of arts degree from Lehigh University. He joined the PHMC staff in 1978 as public information officer for the agency’s popular statewide his­toric preservation program, and was the creator and first editor of Pennsylvania Preservation, a quarterly newsletter. From 1981 through 1983, Michael served as a coordinator of “Pennsylvania’s 300th Birthday: A Celebration of Friends,” an eighteen month observance commemorating the founding of the Commonwealth. In his spare time, he volunteers for several arts and cultural organizations, and has served on boards of directors and as an officer for several. He is an avid reader, and enjoys antiquing (especially searching for “the odd, the curious, and the whimsical”), cooking, swimming, music, and wandering the less often traveled roads of Pennsyl­vania looking for story ideas.

Associate editor Louis M. Waddell received his bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University, his master of arts degree from New York University, and his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been an associate historian for the PHMC since 1973. Louis compiles and edits historical documents; assembles an ongoing bibliography of the Commonwealth’s history; and has researched and written on Pennsylvania’s political, economic, and social history. He has edited four of the six volumes of The Papers of Henry Bouquet, and his articles have appeared in many periodicals, including Pennsylvania Heritage and Pennsylvania History. His outside interests include a volume of Native American documents, a study of frontier forts, three grandchildren, and the continuing search for a usable past.

Harold L. Myers, assistant editor of Pennsylvania Heritage, served as an associate historian for the Commission’s Division of History for many years. Drawing upon classroom training in journalism and history, his major responsibilities are the editing, often the design, and the production of agency publications – books, pam­phlets, leaflets, brochures, and related materials. He has been, in particular, midwife to books and pamphlets in the PHMC’s anthropological, archival guide, bibliographical, and oral and ethnic series. Now, a senior editor for the Publications and Sales Division, he has edited revisions of popular Commission titles, assisted at the birth of the final volume of The Papers of Henry Bouquet (1994), and is editing a prehistory of eastern Pennsylvania. Harold’s pleasures include endless exploring of bookstores (without buy­ing), sightseeing, and leaving the office early on a cold winter night for a good dinner and a basketball game.

In addition to serving as an editor for the PHMC’s books, Suzanne McInerney is assistant editor of Pennsylvania Heritage. She assists with the editing and proofreading of both manuscripts and mechanicals. Suzanne enjoys running (on hilly courses, for the added exercise), and her lifelong interest in camera work encouraged her to set up a darkroom in her home, where she savors spending long hours developing and printing her black and white photographs. An enthusiastic reader and student of literature – she received her master’s degree in the humanities – Suzanne has recently branched out as a nonfiction author and is under contract to write a book on health information.

A graphic designer and illustrator since graduating from the York Academy of Art in 1975, Kimberly Lackey Krammes, who also attended Wesley College in Dover, Delaware, is photo editor. Prior to 1991, she resided in Wilmington, Delaware, where she was employed in the field of advertising and print communications with several advertising agencies and design studios. In addition to serving as magazine photo editor, Kim designs and desktop publishes print material for the PHMC, such as posters, brochures, exhibit handouts, book cov­ers, and the annual report. She is a pastel portrait artist, and enjoys reno­vating old houses and bicycling.

Joan R. Dorko has been associated with Pennsylvania Heritage since 1987. As circulation director, she is responsi­ble for researching and launching direct mail campaigns, identifying new audiences, and overseeing the magazine’s business operations. For eight years she was a partner in a busi­ness specializing in meeting planning and event coordination for corpora­tions and associations. In her leisure hours she devotes time to reading, music, travel, and cooking and enter­taining (much to the delight of her dinner group).

The newest addition to the staff is Mary M. Parry, subscriptions manager. Mary received her bachelor’s degree in history from Elizabethtown College and a master’s degree in history and museum studies from Duquesne University. Besides her affil­iation with Pennsylvania Heritage, she served as the archivist for the Historical Society of Dauphin County, headquartered in Harrisburg. In her spare time, Mary takes pleasure in swimming, reading (especially works on religion), and volunteering for her church.

Development officer Susan Hoak Gahres secures corporate and founda­tion funding for the production of Pennsylvania Heritage. Her responsibili­ties for the Commission include pro­viding desktop publishing support for the division and developing market­ing strategies for various publication promotions. She is also the agency’s printing coordinator and monitors the progress of publications created by the Commission. Susan received her bach­elor of arts degree in the humanities from Penn State, Harrisburg, and entered government service when she joined the staff of Secretary of Internal Affairs Genevieve Blatt. Her interests include reading, cooking, yoga, and gardening.

Marcia Barndt Gobrecht is manag­er of the Friends of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, which co-publishes Pennsylvania Heritage. She is a graduate of Dickinson College and was co-owner of a meeting planning business in the Harrisburg area before joining the Friends ten years ago. She was also active in the Junior League of Harrisburg, and in 1979 established the docent program for the Governor’s Residence. Marcia’s interests are traveling (especially to historic properties), reading, and needlepoint.

In addition to in-house staff, Team Heritage includes talented profession­als in the design and printing indus­tries. Pennsylvania Heritage is designed by Mark T. Stoner, creative director (who is responsible for the magazine’s new look), and Lisa M. Divet, art director, of Godfrey Advertising, Inc., Lancaster. The magazine is printed under the watchful eye of Frederic K. Klopp, Jr., sales representative, and the steady hand of Joe Maransky, pro­duction manager, of the Boyer Printing Company, Lebanon.

These are the teammates who make every exciting edition of Pennsylvania Heritage possible. Take a bow, ladies and gentlemen.