History Mailbox

Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

Erratum: The article “It All Started in Pennsylvania” (PH, Sum­mer 1983), by James E. DiLisio, stated “On several occasions, the price of oil dropped to one cent per barrel.” It has been brought to our attention, however, that since 1859 the lowest price oil was ever to hit was 10 cents per barrel. On page 19 of the same article, references to the Pennsylvania and Erie railroads were made to the effect that these lines are still in operation; in fact, they no longer exist. We ex­tend our thanks, and apologies, to our alert readers.


The Early American Industries Association (EAIA) is proud to an­nounce its initial four Honorary Fellows. Edward Durell, William Goodman, Prof. Brooke Hindle, and Joseph Link were honored at a banquet held at the Rochester Institute of Technology in early June. Also, in recognition of the EAIA’s 50th anniversary, the striking of a special commemorative coin has been authorized. An organization dedicated to the study of tools and technology, EAIA welcomes inquiries from those interested in membership. For information write to: Early American Industries Association, Inc., P.O. Box 2128. Em­pire Slate Plaza Station, Albany, NY 12220.


The National Archives and Records Service is resuming its census microfilm program after a budget-imposed hiatus of nineteen months. As before, the program will operate only through public libraries and other institutions such as genealogical associations. Orders should be forwarded 10 Census Microfilm Rental Program. Box 2940, Hyattsville, MD 20784.


The Eleutherian Mills Historical Library has microfilmed the Board File of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1847-1940 (120 rolls). In­cluded are minutes, correspondence and reports. as well as minutes of selected subsidiary companies. Contact the Research and Reference Department, Eleutherian Mills Historical Library, Box 3630, Wil­mington, DE 19807, or call (302) 658-2400.


Goldie Bamberger, RD 1, Box 160, Graysville 15337, is interested in locating the Volume I, Number I issue (Armstrong County) of PH. Anyone who can be of service should contact her at the above address.