History Mailbox

Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

Erratum: In the winter 1982 issue of PH, ownership of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater, was mistakenly credited to the National Trust for Historic Preservation (see “Pennsylvania’s Architectural Heritage: The Preservation Movement in the Keystone State, 1950-1981“). In fact, the home was donated in 1963 by its owner, Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy which bas administered it since that date. Our apologies for the misstatement.


Errata: Two errors have been noted involving credit lines for photographs illustrating the article “Johnstown and Flood Control” which appeared in the spring 1982 edition. The Johnstown Flood Museum Association, not Associates as listed, was responsible for illustrations on pages 19 and 20. Also on page 20, the photograph “mucking out” should have been credited to the American Red Cross. We regret both the misprint and the omission.


Erratum: The regional headings for PHMC sites, properties and museums which were displayed on the inside back cover of the spring 1982 issue (see “Where to Visit“) were listed out of sequence. They should have appeared in this order: NORTHWEST, NORTHCENTRAL, NORTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, SOUTHCENTRAL and SOUTHEAST. Locations and telephone numbers were correct. We hope this oversight has not greatly inconvenienced readers and that the information provided was useful nevertheless.


The Historical Association of Port Clinton, Port Clinton 19549 is organizing to undertake the preparation and publication of a book on the Schuylkill Canal. The history and development of this canal, the first-built of the Pennsylvania canals, has never been treated in book form. Those interested in becoming involved in the project are asked to contact the association.


Dr. Carolyn Schumacher, Room 436, 341 S. Bellefield, Pittsburgh 15213, (412) 622-3945/6, is attempting to locate an archivist who has worked in a school district with a center to preserve such items as class photographs, student work samples, curriculum materials, PTA minutes, research reports, superintendents’ correspondence, and other records that document the growth and development of schools. Dr. Schumacher hopes to develop an archival center and is surveying the Pittsburgh Public Schools in order to estimate the volume of material which may have permanent historical value.


The Wilkes College Sordoni Art Gallery has compiled an exhibi­tion, “Photographic History of Hard Coal Mining in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” which is currently booking for tours. The collection of photographs, from the Wyoming Valley Historical and Geological Society and Ralph E. Dewitt, documents mining operations, mines and the lives of miners from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. Those in­terested in reserving a booking period for the show should contact the gallery at 150 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre 18766, or call (717) 824-4651.


Cliveden, the eighteenth century country seat of Benjamin Chew, located near Philadelphia, is one of eight historic house museums operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. With cuts in funding to the National Trust, it has become increasingly difficult to balance Cliveden’s operating budget. In order to allow for concerned individuals to contribute to the work of Cliveden, The Friends of Cliveden has been formed. To learn of its benefits and how to become active, please write to the organization at 6401 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia 19144.


In a Philadelphia gallery there hangs an oil painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir depicting the famous Civil War naval battle between the Alabama and the Kearsarge off Cherbourg, France. Anyone knowing the name of the gallery where the painting Is currently on display is asked to contact Howard P. Bennett, 550 Hyman Drive, Jef­ferson, LA 70121.