History Mailbox

Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

Editor’s Note: The purpose of this column is not to serve as a letter to the editor, but to provide viable access for exchange of inĀ­formation, inquiries and responses from our readers. Please submit your exchanges to The Editor, Pennsylvania Heritage, unless, of course, you prefer to communicate directly with one another.


The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters is collecting photographs, clippings, information and other material relevant to the establishment of commercial radio stations in the early 1920’s. The Association wants material from every community of the State where a station was established. Contact Cary Simpson, Allegheny Mountain Network, Tyrone 16686.


Frank Lodwick, 2240 Iowa Avenue, Kenner, Louisiana 70062, would like to obtain volume I, number 1, and volume II, number 3 of Pennsylvania Heritage. Mrs. Jean S. Morris, Box 8530 West End, Pittsburgh 15220, wants volume I, number 1. Sister M. Martina Tybor, of the Jan kola Library, Danville 17821, needs volume I, numbers 1 and 2, and volume II, number 3 of Heritage to complete library files. She also seeks information about Isaac Ferdinand Sarisky (variant spellings), who came to Germantown as a teacher under Francis Daniel Pastorius.


Joseph A. Borkowski, Chairman of the Polish Historical Commission of the Central Council of Polish Organizations of Pittsburgh, is looking for a source or sources that give a detailed account of the Battle of Brandywine, particularly of the part played by General Casimir Pulaski. His address is 4291 Stanton Avenue, Pittsburgh 15201.