History Mailbox

Mailbox features classified advertisements related to Pennsylvania history.

The Union County Historical Society’s Oral Tradition Project is continuing its research on old time skills with the support of a small grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. This year’s project will culminate in a state-wide exhibit and in the publication of a book in July 1979 on Pennsylvania red or earthenware pottery. Information on potteries, the names of local potters and their wares, location of local redware pieces and possible kiln sites, early photographs of potters or pieces, and any source material such as diaries, letters, business inventories or directories and family Bibles that relate to the potters and their families, would be greatly appreciated. Leads, no matter how slight, will be included and should be sent by March 1979 to: Jeannette Lasansky. Project Director; Oral Traditions Projects; Court House; Lewisburg 17837.


The McGraw Hill Book Company is publishing a one-volume Encyclopedia of America’s Rivers that will provide chiefly historical articles on one hundred to two hundred of the country’s most his­torically interesting rivers as pegs upon which to hang chapters of local and regional history. Articles are being sought on the West Branch of the Susquehanna, the Juniata and the Schuylkill Rivers, and should be two thousand words in length. Those interested in obtaining further details should contact Richard A. Bartlett, Editor; Department of History; The Florida State University; Tallahassee, FL 32306.


The Exeter Township Historical Society, which has recently been formed and has just applied for a charter, is conducting a seminar on genealogy. The society would be grateful to hear from any­one who formerly resided in Exeter Township, Luzerne County, who may have a complete pedigree of its early settlers. Genealogical information or inquiries relative to the society and the seminar should be sent to: Mr. Robert W. Reynolds; R.D. 1, Box 358; Pittston (Harding) 18643.


John T. Schweich, 44 Hastings St., Framingham. MA 01701, would like to correspond with anyone who shares his interest in the history of Ukrainian, Russian and Carpatho-Rusin church communities in Pa., particularly those in the anthracite region and the greater Pittsburgh area.


Thelma S. Armstrong, 2401 Arcana Road, Mechanicsburg 17055, wishes to rent, buy or borrow Volume I, Number 1 (Arm­strong County issue) of Pennsylvania Heritage.


Mrs. Kay Hauser, P.O. Box 395, Murrysville 15668, has available a number of original county histories. She should be contacted directly for further details and for descriptions of what is available.


Joyce L. Graham, 3458 Manchester Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210, is seeking information on Ebenezer Graham (son of Alexander Graham), a lawyer in either Chester or Lancaster county. He was married to Margaret Worth (both died in 1805) and had one son, Emmor Graham, born in Chester County in 1802.