Editor's Letter is an introduction to the contents and themes of each issue of Pennsylvania Heritage by the editor.

As editor of Pennsylvania Heritage for twenty-five of the magazine’s thirty-five years, I have enjoyed the distinct privilege of working closely with peers, contributors, and readers, all of whom share a tremendous interest in our history and culture. As we embark on our thirty-fifth year of bringing you, our loyal readers, “the best of the past” (as we’ve grown fond of saying), it’s heartening to know that we continue the tradition of excellence entrusted to us.

Pennsylvania Heritage has set the benchmark of quality for the country’s history periodicals. Over the years, the publication has garnered awards and accolades for writing, editing, and design. But it’s the connection we make between readers and their history that is so rewarding.

I am particularly delighted that this special anniversary edition includes colleague Ted R. Walke’s interview with longtime contributor William C. Kashatus, who has published forty-four articles since becoming part of the Pennsylvania Heritage “family” in 1987. Bill has generously shared his talent with us, and I am grateful to him for bringing to our readers so many fascinating and insightful articles. He has tackled a number of sensitive issues and controversial individuals — George Washington’s slaves at the President’s House in Philadelphia and northeastern Pennsylvania’s flamboyant Congressman Daniel J. “Dapper Dan” Flood — earning respect and admiration for his exhaustive research, intelligent writing, and evenhanded interpretation. Bill — and contributors like him – hallmark Pennsylvania Heritage as one of the finest state history magazines in the country.

I am fortunate to work with a small but select staff whose talents are boundless. Pennsylvania Heritage is brought to you through the dedication and diligence of Ted R. Walke, chief of PHMC’s Publications and Sales Division, and the magazine’s associate editor Louis M. Waddell, assistant editor Fred J. Lauver, and art director Kimberly L. Stone. We are indebted to Beth A. Hager, development director, Kelly M. VanSickle, membership coordinator and Rhonda R. Newton, program coordinator, of the Pennsylvania Heritage Society, co-publisher of the magazine, for their many behind-the-scenes contributions to the overall success of the magazine.

This milestone encourages us to reflect, naturally, where we’ve been and where we’re going. At thirty-five years young, I can assure you the very best is yet to come!

Michael J. O’Malley III