Executive Director’s Message

From the Executive Director features news and reflections on the work of PHMC by its chief administrator.

Pennsylvania Heritage has a new look with this issue – a fact that is quite apparent after glancing at the new color cover and heading. But there is more. Inside, readers will find a newly designed table of contents page, a more easily read text type, and a format which includes a varied two and three column layout for articles on new and interesting topics. Although these changes may appear more noticeable than those made in the past, they continue the attempts to expand and improve Heritage in response to the interests expressed by an ever growing number of readers.

Pennsylvania Heritage was first introduced by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission over ten years ago in the summer of 1967. It was designed to supply enthusiasts of Pennsylvania history with technical guidance and practical suggestions while at the same time informing them of Commission activities. Originally, it was released in a newsletter format but, as the number of readers in­creased, the magazine was expanded. In December 1974, it was converted into a 24-page self-covered quarterly. Over the next few years, four, then eight pages were added. Next came a new-style cover. During that time, the definition of what is part of Pennsylvania’s heritage was also broadened to include new subjects of interest. In the last issue, for example, new regular features were initiated on oral history and historic preservation. This was in keeping with the intention to focus not only on subject matter of importance to the Commission, but also of value to a large number of Pennsylvanians as well as others interested in the Commonwealth.

Yet, with these changes, much remains in an attempt to blend innovations with what readers have come to expect. Each issue shall retain a county feature such as the one presented on Erie in this edition. The “Historical Society News and Highlights” section will continue, as will “History Mailbox,” “Bookshelf” and “Heritage Highlights.” As in the past, these regular features will be supplemented by other major articles, announcements and shorts.

Through this mixture of the old with the new, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission hopes to further refine Pennsylvania Heritage and thereby im­prove its service to you, the reader.

William J. Wewer
Executive Director