Executive Director’s Message

From the Executive Director features news and reflections on the work of PHMC by its chief administrator.

Pennsylvanians have always held a sincere and active interest in their historical heritage. This interest, however, has reached new heights with the approach of our Bicenten­nial. New history-oriented groups are forming and existing societies and organizations are taking on new projects, thus improving programs and increasing memberships. We are hopeful this renewed interest in history will continue well beyond 1976 and that many projects, inspired by the Bicentennial, will have a lasting effect to benefit future gener­ations. This is especially true for publications and historic building restoration projects. But history-oriented programs and activities can also have a lasting effect by creating an awareness of our local history. We are able to establish a personal feeling when we are involved in local history.

The basis of our national and state history does not rest solely in the outstanding political and military events of our country’s part or at locations where such events occurred. It reaches into every community where the involvement of persons contributed to growth of our state and nation. Hopefully, our Bicentennial will lead to more active involvement in preserving our heritage at local levels with active participation in locally organized programs.

William J. Wewer, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission