Bookshelf provides descriptions and notices of recent publications on Pennsylvania subjects.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has recently released Oral History in Pennsylvania, by Matthew S. Magda, a summary guide to the PHMC’s oral history collections. Those interested in ordering a copy should send $1.50 (plus tax for Pa. residents) to the PHMC, Division of History, Bureau of Archives and History, Box 1026, Harrisburg 17120.


The University of Pittsburgh Press, 127 N. Bellefield Ave., Pittsburgh 15260, has recently released three new books. The behind the scenes story of the rebirth of Pittsburgh is told in The Shaping of the Point: Pittsburgh’s Renaissance Park by Robert C. Alberts. This 264-page, illustrated book is priced at $12.95. Mary Byington’s 292-page book Homestead: The Households of a Mill Town describes the family life of our ancestors in one of America’s grimmest industrial towns. The cost is $14.95 for hard-bound, $6.95 for paperback. Boss Rule in the Gilded Age: Matt Quay of Pennsylvania is the story of the life of this controversial politician who served as Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senator from 1887-1904. This 368-page, illustrated biography by James A. Kehl is available for $24.95.


Two new books can be purchased from the Oral Traditions Project, Courthouse, Lewisburg 17837. From Feedsacks to Finery: Textile Traditions in 19th Century Central Pennsylvania, by Sandra Rambo Walker, is an illustrated volume available for $8.50 plus $1.25 for postage. The American Handweavers Pattern Book of Frederick Gutelius, Jr. Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, Circa 1823 by Janet Gray Crosson is a 52-page book priced at $6.95.


Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981 by Robert H. Wilson is a picture history of the personalities, concerns and actions of the Philadelphia Meeting over the past three centuries. This 128-page publication can be purchased from Tercentenary Book, Office of Yearly Meeting, Friends Center, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia 19102. The price is $12.95 for hard-cover. $4.95 for paperback. Pa. residents should include 6% sales tax.


The University of Pennsylvania Press, 3933 Walnut St., Philadelphia 19104, has recently released two new books. The Selected Papers of William Penn: Vol. I, 1644-1679 is the first scholarly publication containing Penn’s personal correspondence, journals, religious and political papers, and business records. Compiled by editors Mary Maples Dunn and Richard S. Dunn, this 656-page volume is available for $22.50. Written by Dan Rose, Energy Transi¬≠tion and the Local Community: A Theory of Society Applied to Hazelton, Pennsylvania is a 256-page, illustrated publication which describes how the shift from coal to oil affected a small community. The book sells for $21.50.


Frederick W. Taylor and the Rise of Scientific Management, by Daniel Nelson, is the story of the originator of the concept of time management. His 259-page biography can be purchased for $19.50 from the University of Wisconsin Press, 114 N. Murray St., Madison, Wis. 53715.


Robert Fulton: Pioneer of Undersea Warfare, by Wallace S. Hutcheon, Jr., has been published by the Naval Institute Press. Annapolis, Md. 21402. The steamboat was just one of Fulton’s contributions. This 192-page publication describes the scope and significance of his other work which included mine warfare and the development of the submarine. It is available from the publisher for $17.95.


Jamie Wyeth is a 144-page collection of the artist’s works compiled by the artist himself. Published by Houghton Mifflin Com¬≠pany, 1 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 02107, the book sells for $35.00.


The Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society has compiled A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization in the District Courts of Pennsylvania: Vol. V, 1880-1887. This 149-page, hardbound book contains the names of over 6,250 immigrants and over 1,900 sponsors. The book sells for $17.00 postpaid, $18.02 postpaid for Pennsylvania residents.