Bookshelf provides descriptions and notices of recent publications on Pennsylvania subjects.

Recent additions to the Pennsylvania History bookshelf have made important contributions to our understanding of the past.


Donald R. Adams, Finance and Enterprise in Early America, A Study of Stephen Girard’s Bank, 1812-1831. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1978. $12.50. This is a valuable study not only of an influential man and his Philadelphia bank but also of the growing interdependence between institutions of government and finance in nineteenth century America.


John B. B. Trussell, Jr., The Pennsylvania Line, Regimental Organization and Operations, 1776-1783. Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1977. $8.50. This pioneering study traces the evaluation of the Pennsylvania Continental Line over a period of several years.


Caroline Golab, Immigrant Destinations. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1978. $15.00. This monograph focuses on Poles in Philadelphia and addresses the larger concern of what factors accounted for the settlement of certain ethnic groups in specific cities. The author emphasizes available jobs and immigrant skills as a determining factor.


Jeannette Lasansky, Willow, Oak & Rye, Basket Traditions in Pennsylvania. Lewisburg, Pa.: Union County Oral Traditions Project, 1978, $7.00. An excel lent photographic and narrative statement on the basket making traditions of Union County. It is both informa­tive, interesting and a model for students of local history and culture.