Bookshelf provides descriptions and notices of recent publications on Pennsylvania subjects.

The Philadelphia and Erie Railroad: Its Place in American Economic History by Homer T. Rosenberger has just been published by The Fox Hills Press. The illustrated book is 748 pages and is available for $18.00 from The Fox Hills Press, 8409 Fox Run, Potomac, Maryland 20854. Copies are also available at the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Dr. Rosenberger, a noted historian, is a member of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.


John M. Coleman of the history department at Lafayette College has written a newly-published book – Thomas McKean: Forgotten Leader of the Revolution. The book, a result of nearly twenty years of scholarly research, places McKean as one of the most important leaders of the Revolution.

The book, containing 332 pages, has illustrations and was pub­lished by the American Faculty Press, 44 Lake Shore Drive, Rock­away, N.J. It was published with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in its continuing attempt to pre­serve the history of the people of the Commonwealth.

The author, editor of Pennsylvania History for five years, is the author of numerous articles on the American Revolutionary era.


The Pennsylvania German Society has just published the first in a series of Sources and Documents of the Pennsylvania Germans I. Series Editor is Rev. Frederick Weiser, 425 George Street, Hanover.

The first book is The Account Book of the Clemens Family of Lower Salford Township, Montgomery County – 1749-1857. It has been translated by Raymond E. Hallenbach and edited by Alan G. Keyser.

The book can be purchased from the Pennsylvania German So­ciety, Route 1, Box 469, Breiningsville 18031. Cost of the book is $6.50 plus sales tax for Pennsylvania residents. The book also con­tains a glossary of German and Pennsylvania words.


A reprint of Rupp’s History of Dauphin, Franklin, Bedford, Adams and Perry Counties is available for $15.90 by writing to Cumberland County Historical Society, P.O. Box 626, Carlisle 17013.


The Jefferson County Historical and Genealogical Society in June republished Builders of a County Seat. This magazine-size book was published for an old home week held in 1920 when Brookville, the county seat of Jefferson County, was ninety years old. The book is a compilation of articles on individuals and families, churches, and businesses edited by William McCracken, a local attorney. The book sells for $4.00 and can be obtained by sending a check to Mrs. Geraldine Love, treasurer, Summerville, Pa.


Introduction to Museum Work, by G. Ellis Burcaw, is a paper­bound guide and is a revision of his correspondence study course, “Introduction to Museology.” It emphasizes theory, philosophical issues and orientation to the entire field of museum work; each chapter constitutes one lesson and is followed by practical exercises. It is available at $6. 75 to non-members of the American Association for State and Local History and $5.00 tor members. Orders should be sent to the AASLH, 1315 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.


The third edition of Pennsylvania’s Oil Industry, a booklet by Ernest C. Miller of Warren, has been issued. It is one of a series on Pennsylvania Historical Studies issued by the Pennsylvania Historical Association.

The third edition of Miller’s booklet contains sixty-nine pages, has a full-color cover photograph of the Drake Well replica, taken by Alan W. Perkins, Drake Well curator, and thirteen photographs including some in the collection of the Drake Well Museum. One of the new sections is “The Petroleum Shortage.”

Copies of the new edition are available at Levinson Brothers, Warren, and from Warren County Historical Society, 210 Fourth Avenue, Warren, at $2.50 each.


Pennsylvania 1776 is scheduled tor publication Thanksgiving, 1975, by The Pennsylvania State University Press. The book is the product of an effort by The Penn State University faculty and University Press to resurrect the flavor as well as the facts of Penn­sylvania in 1776.

The book is designed to serve as an attractive memento for the tourist discovering Pennsylvania for the first time, a lively teaching aid at the secondary school level, a serious, scholarly addition to the historical record of Pennsylvania and an enjoyable reference for Pennsylvania history enthusiasts.

It is to contain approximately 320 pages with sixty illustrations and maps; estimated cost is $10.00. The book will be available from The Pennsylvania State University Press, 215 Wagner Building. University Park 16802.


The Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, by Robert McCullough and Walter Leuba, is a 218-page, illustrated book on the 1,250-mile Pennsylvania Canal System. The book is available at $4.75 plus 29 cents for sales tax from The American Canal and Transportation Center, 809 Rathton Road, York 17403.


The Elk County Historical Society has made available Ridgway, Lily of the Valley, 1824-1974: A Sesquicentennial History. The book was compiled and edited by Alice L. Wessman and Harriet Faust; it was published by Ridgway Publishing Co. Persons interested in ordering should send $7.00 (including sales tax and postage to Elk County) Historical Society, P.O. Box 361, Ridgway 15853.