Additions lists cultural resources in Pennsylvania - districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects - entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

May 25, 1984 to July 12, 1984

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation’s official record of properties deemed worthy of preservation by the United States Department of the Interior. Established by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the program is administered for the Com­monwealth by the PHMC’s Bureau for Historic Preservation. Pennsylvania claims 1,600 entries in the National Register.


Allegheny County

  • Longfellow School (Deniston School), Monroe St. and Clure Ave., Pittsburgh

Chester County

  • Hatfield-Hibernia Historic District, north of Wagontown, Wagontown vicinity
  • Sharples Separator Works, N. Franklin and Evenston Sts., West Chester

Crawford County

  • Judge Henry Shippen House, 403 Chestnut St., Meadville

Cumberland County

  • Shippensburg Historic District, Roughly bounded by Lutz Ave., Kenneth, Spring and Fort Sts., Shippensburg

Fayette County

  • Phillip G. Cochran Memorial United Methodist Church, Howell and Griscom Sts., Dawson

Franklin County

  • Mercersburg Academy, PA 16, Mercersburg

Jefferson County

  • Brookville Historic District, Roughly bounded by railroad tracks, Franklin Ave., Church and Main Sts., Brookville

Lancaster County

  • Hamilton Apartments, 247-249 N. Duke St. and 104-108 E. Walnut St., Lancaster
  • Lancaster Historic District (Boundary Increase), E. King St., Lancaster
  • Spring Grove Forge Mansion, Spring Grove Rd., East Earl

Lehigh County

  • Valentine Weaver House, 146 S. Church St., Macungie

Philadelphia County

  • East Center City Commercial Historic District, Roughly bounded by 6th, Juniper, Market and Locust Sts., Philadelphia
  • Garden Court Historic District, Roughly bounded by Larch­wood Ave., 46th, 50th and Pine Sts., Philadelphia
  • 26th District Police and Patrol Station, 2136-2142 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia
  • Wills Hospital, 1601 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia

York County

  • Goldsboro Historic District, Roughly bounded by North, Third, Fraser and Railroad Sts., Goldsboro
  • Spring Grove Borough Historic District, Roughly bounded by College Ave., Jackson, Water, East and Church Sts., Spring Grove