Acquisitions of the State Archives

News presents briefs about current and forthcoming programs, events, exhibits and activities of historical and cultural institutions in Pennsylvania.

Official Records

Official records recently accessioned by the Division of Archives and Manuscripts (State Archives). Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, include the following:

  • reports and correspondence of Foresters and Forest Rangers, Department of Forestry, 1901-1920
  • minutes of the Water and Power Resources Board, 1923-1940
  • transcripts and reports of committee hearings of the House of Representa­tives, 1965-1974
  • council and advisory panel meeting files, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, 1967-1973
  • Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission agenda and minutes, Department of Highways, 1955-1961
  • correspondence files of Donald A. Cadzow pertaining mainly to historic sites and properties, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1920-1952
  • Labor Relations Board legal files, Department of Labor and Industry, 1937-1966
  • correspondence and plans relating to school district reorganization, Department of Public Instruction, 1927-1969
  • boards and committee meeting files of the Office of Mental Health, Department of Public Welfare, 1965-1967
  • primary and general election 1re­turns, 1964-1972, and microfilm copies of documents filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth under the provi­sions of legislation providing for the incorporation and regu­lation of corporations, 1974
  • Department of State; annual reports of private water companies, manufactured gas com­panies, natural gas companies, telephone and telegraph com­panies, private and municipal electric light, heat and power, steam heat companies, Bureau of Statistics, Department of Commerce, 1949-1954
  • correspondence, Milk Marketing Board, 1963-1964
  • insurance company annual statements, Department of Insurance, 1964-1965
  • Sanitary Water Board hearings and case files, 1948-1968
  • registry books of mine accidents, Department of Environmental Resources, 1849-1972


Manu­script Section

The manuscript section of the division has received the following:

  • records of the West Harrisburg Market House Company, 1864-1960
  • correspondence, photographs, busi­ness records, and related materials of the Harrisburg Com­munity Theatre, 1925-1975
  • Emporium Lumber Company records, including correspondence, accounts, legal papers, maps and blueprints, 1883-1972
  • diary, 1893-1895, and photograph collection of W.W. Stoey, Harrisburg taxidermist and naturalist, featuring Harrisburg area scenes, 1895- 1926
  • correspondence, account books, and miscellaneous papers of or relating to William Henry, pioneer ironmaster in the Lackawanna Valley, firearms manufacturer (Boulton Gun Works, Nazareth) and officer of the Susquehanna and Delaware Canal and Railroad Company, 1815-1874
  • corre­spondence, clippings, photographs and related papers con­cerning the work of Mrs. Francis Tarnapowicz on war bond drives as originator and chairman of the Nationality Groups Division of the War Finance Committee for Pennsylvania, 1943-1945
  • research notes, maps, and articles on Pennsylvania Indians, in particular the Seneca Indians, collected by Merle H. Deardorff of Warren
  • papers of the Hamlin Family of Bradford, relating to banking, lumbering, railroading, politics, and the Bradford oil boom, 1880-1900
  • letters to and from Gov. Samuel W. Pennypacker, 1902-1916, con­sisting mostly of congratulatory letters following his elec­tion as governor, and letters to his daughter Josephine
  • copies of Gov. Milton J. Shapp’s inaugural addresses, includ­ing his personal notes in the margins, 1971 and 1975
  • journals, receipts, and related materials of Peace Church, Cumberland County, 1806-1927


Frank Suran is associate archivist in the Division of Archives and Manu­scripts (State Archives), PHMC.